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【电气论坛】Multiform Energy Storage and Its Application in Integrated Energy Supply System (IGBSG 2019) 国际会议专题报告(7)

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Multiform Energy Storage and   Its Application in Integrated Energy Supply System





Prof.   Xiangning Lin




Xiangning Lin is IEEE senior member and New Century Talent of the Ministry of   Education, the winner of Outstanding Youth Fund of Hubei Province, the   director of “Electrical Safe and Efficient Usage” in the Ministry of   Education Engineering Research Centre of Huazhong University of Science &   Technology, the member of academic committee of Ministry of Education Key   Laboratory of Smart Grid Dispatching and Control of Shandong University, and   among the editorial board of magazine “Int. J. Power & Energy   Conversion”, “Electric Power Automation Equipment”, “Electrical System   Protection and Control” and “Proceeding of Electrical System and Automation”.   He was devoted to the research field of Electric Security Defense in ALSTOM   in UK, Huazhong University of Science & Technology and Virginia   Polytechnique Institute and State University in the USA, and has been at the   forefront of the field of international electrical disciplines. His research   field covers relay protection and automatic safety control, fault simulation   and condition monitoring, the application of modern intelligent and information   technology in the aspects of the power system. He has published more than 100   papers in IEEE Transaction and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering and   other influential international and domestic academic journals in electrical   disciplines. In 2006 the most-cited author ranking of electrotechnical   disciplines, he ranked the first place over the country. He has published   three monographs, won provincial achievement awards in science and technology   three times, presided over and committed national, provincial and ministerial   level of scientific and technological projects more than 30 times,   accumulated project funds more than 20 million yuan.


With the increasingly coupling of the electric   power system with coal/gas/thermal/water supply systems, the energy supply of   smart urban system will be undertaken by an integrated energy supply system.   Intelligent green building and smart grid are the two major subjects for the   development of integrated energy system, of which the optimal operation and   control are both inseparable from energy storage.


Energy storage system   can effectively store different forms of energy, reduce the coupling degree   between energy production and absorption, and improve the flexibility of   energy production and system operation. Compared with the conventional   battery storage system, multi-form energy storage can efficiently and   flexibly realize the conversion between multiple energy sources, and is the   key link of the future integrated energy supply system. Therefore, it is   necessary to study the configuration and optimal operation strategy of the   multi-form energy storage system and its application in intelligent green   buildings and smart grids.

In order to solve the   problem of photovoltaic energy absorption with high penetration in smart   urban buildings, a new thermal/cooling absorption system integrated in   intelligent buildings is proposed. It uses phase change energy storage to   meet the cooling and heating demands of power users, and also improves the   load distribution characteristics of integrated energy communities and   promote the economy effects of renewable generation and consumption. Focusing   on the difficulty of flexible transportation and consumption of energy   resources in pelagic islands, an energy transmission network based on   all-electric vessels is proposed, the vessels are equipped with large   capacity battery energy storage system and can flexibly load and unload   batteries. In addition, to solve the problem of the consumption of renewable   energy in regional energy networks, a comprehensive optimal dispatching   strategy of coal-wind-hydrogen energy network is put forward considering the   efficiency of hydrogen energy storage.