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Ph.D Tutor1-Professor &Ph.D Huang Yuehua

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Name: HUANG Yuehua

Academic title:Professor

Research fields:Electrical engineering,Control science and Engineering

Mainly research direction:New energy micro-grid Technology,Intelligent distribution network,Intelligent control,Detection and automation device

Individual Resume: Male,Born in 1972,Party members of the Communist Party of China,Doctor,Professor,Doctoral supervisorGradated from College of electrical engineering in Huazhong University of technology in 1994 and got the bachelor's degreeGradated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2013 which majored in Control science and Engineering and got the doctor's degreeHe was the deputy director and chief of the science and Technology Department of China Three Gorges University,and hold a concurrent post of the New Energy Research Institute of China Three Gorges UniversityThe leader of the theory of talent control and engineering discipline,Hubei numerical control first generation innovation demonstration project expert,Standing director of Hubei Provincial Automation Association and executive director of Research Management Research Association of Hubei Province University,The editorial board of “Proceedings of the CSU-EPSA and “Hydropower and new energy”,Expert on electrical engineering of the National Natural Science Foundation of China,Evaluation committee of the science and Technology Award Committee of Hubei Province     

The main research projects that have been conducted or participated in the last five years:More than 30 projects were conducted or participated in scientific research projects,with more than 5 Million yuan for scientific research.    

1) Research on the stability of landslides based on GIS, National Natural Science Foundation, presided over

2) Study on the controllable electrical properties of magnetorheological fluids, National Natural Science Foundation, presided over

3) 863 military project (2008AA809D511), national level 863 project, participation

4) The new energy consumptive and electric vehicle scale application of key technology research, colleges and universities in Hubei Province outstanding youth science and technology innovation team plans, presided over

5) Research on the wireless network technology for the industrial production of medical butyl rubber plug, the key project of Hubei Natural Science Foundation, presided over

6) Research on the distributed control system for the welding of diamond circular saw substrate, the scientific research project of Hubei Province, presided over

7) Harmonic signal processing and accurate measurement of harmonic electric energy, Hubei Natural Science Foundation, presided over

8) Research on the detection and analysis system of the impact rotary opening machine, the scientific research project of the Hubei Provincial Education Department, presided over

9) The application of distributed control system in small and medium water works, Yichang science and technology project, presided over

Representative results and rewards:

1) Dynamic analysis and control of uncertain nonlinear systems, first prize of Hubei Natural Science Award in 2014, individual ranking second

2) Environmental protection silencer diamond circular saw base welding distributed control system, 2008 Hubei science and Technology Progress Award three award, individual ranking first

3) Portable all digital multi-function magnetic particle flaw detector, 2006 Hubei science and Technology Progress Award three prize, individual ranking fifth

4) 230~600mm composite silencer diamond saw blade base, 2009 Hubei science and Technology Progress Award three prize, individual ranking Sixth

5) Online trading theory and application research, 2009 Hubei science and technology progress award two prize, individual ranking ninth

6) Research on numerical control resistance spot welding machine, first prize of Yichang science and Technology Progress Award in 2008, individual ranking first

Paper and retrieval (more than 30 papers published, including more than 20 articles in three major retrieval papers, and 1 published academic monographs)

[1]Enhanced conductivity of magnetorheological fluids based on silver coated carbonyl particles,1/6,JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS,JAN 2016,SCI included

[2]Influence of Oleic and Lauric Acid on the Stability of Magnetorheological Fluids,1/4,JOURNAL OF MAGNETICS,SEP 2015,SCI included

[3]Grid connection based on variable universe fuzzy control for no-load BDFG system of wind farm,1/3,Electric Power Automation Equipment,FEB 2012,EI included

[4] Maximum power point tracking strategy for wind power generation system,1/4,Electrical measurement and instrument,2012-05 ,Core Journals included

[5] MPPT research based on SVM improved perturbation method,1/4,Power supply technology,2015-03,Core Journals included