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AKWASI AMOH MENSAH, JONAS ASAMOAH,international students of our college, won the excellent style award of short video collection activity of "Chinese Bridge - Chinese Spring Festival in my eyes"

Recently, the short video collection activity of "Chinese Bridge - Chinese Spring Festival in my eyes", which is part of the cloud new year series activities of "Chinese Bridge", has come to a successful conclusion. This activity is aimed at foreign teenagers and Chinese learners who love Chinese culture and Chinese and have some knowledge and experience of Chinese Spring Festival. With Chinese Spring Festival as the topic and short video as the carrier, it connects friends who love Chinese all over the world and shows their understanding and love of Chinese culture.

A total of 119 works were submitted by 198 participants from 64 colleges and universities in 52 countries. AKWASI AMOH MENSAH, JONAS ASAMOAH, from the school of electricity and new energy of Three Gorges University, described his understanding and experience of Chinese Spring Festival Culture in his native language in the video. His video stood out among many works and won the excellent style award.

AKWASI AMOH MENSAH, JONAS ASAMOAH,spent three spring festival days after he came to Yichang, China. He compared the different scenes of this year and last spring festival through his own personal experience. In the Spring Festival of 2019, he found that most of the citizens would choose to return to their hometown and spend their new year together with their families. So the annual flavor in Yichang is adorable. In 2020, the Spring Festival was blocked by New Coronavirus and Yichang, and the streets in 2020 were blocked. There is no one in the sky; but in the Spring Festival of 2021, people respond to the national call to "celebrate the new year on the spot", Yichang begins to be lively, and the streets are full of lively and happy atmosphere. In the video, he introduced the myths, legends and traditional customs of the Chinese Spring Festival (visiting relatives and friends, sending red envelopes, performing dragon and lion dances on the street, etc.); he showed the activities of Yichang citizens during the Spring Festival, the school leaders' sympathy for the international students during the spring Festival, and had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival with the local people in 2021.

The short video collection activity of "Chinese Bridge - Chinese Spring Festival in my eyes" provides a platform for Chinese culture lovers to show their understanding of Chinese Spring Festival and share their spring festival experience. At the same time, it also stimulates their enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese and deepens their understanding of Chinese language and culture.