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Selection Notice of Graduation Project on Grade 2017 EEA & Automation

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About Graduation Project:

There are total 29 projects for Grade 2017 EEA (21 students) and Automation students (8 students) to select as your Graduation Project.(Appendix 1)

Please note that each student can select one project, and each project can’t be selected repeatedly.

Every student need to select your own favorite project before this Friday, 17:00PM, November 13th.

When you have selected your favorite graduation project, please fill in the information form shared in your We Chat group(Appendix2) and upload it to that group soon to ensure that other students don’t choose the same project with you.

[Appendix 1] The Graduation Project list on Grade 2017 EEA & Automation.pdf

[Appendix 2] 2017级来华留学生毕业设计选题表-Selection of Graduation Project on Grade 2017 EEA & Automation.xls